Enjoy your patio, lawn or garden from spring to winter!

While others pack away their outdoor furniture and cushions with the onset of autumn and don't put them back until late spring, you get to use your garden cocoon all year round!
The cover made of breathable fabric offers the best protection for your garden cocoon during outdoor storage even through the toughest winter, without the need to remove any cushions.
Positioning the garden cocoon away from the wind and towards the sun is effortless thanks to the castor wheels, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area on those windier days as well.

Ultimate seating comfort

With its extra thick padding, raised backrest, adjustable neck cushions and ergonomic leg supports, our garden cocoon offers the ultimate seating comfort. Relax your entire body and get rid of everyday tensions and stress. Additional cosy cushions are available separately to complete your overall sense of comfort.


Whether you look forward to a relaxing break, reading a book, taking a nap or simply enjoying the sun, you can easily adjust the position of the cocoon in one single effort. The backrest can be adjusted to a number of positions, from a slightly to fully reclined position (fully reclined position available in most cocoon designs). The leg supports give your legs a well-deserved rest and can be easily mounted onto the construction or packed away underneath the seat if not in use. The castor wheels offer more flexibility than ever and allow you to easily turn the cocoon towards the sun or away from the wind.

Entirely windproof

The cocoon's beautiful manually woven synthetic wicker offers the ultimate wind protection. Take advantage of the sun and fully enjoy your outdoor area on those chilly autumn days. The windproof construction allows you to sit outside, well protected from any breeze.
Each garden cocoon comes supplied with castor wheels to easily change the cocoon's position in any direction you like.


You need privacy to fully relax, and privacy is not something every garden or outdoor area has to offer. Our garden cocoon provides full privacy so you can truly relax by yourself or with your partner out of everyone's view! Turn the cocoon away from potential prying eyes and enjoy those moments of rest.


Our cocoon offers cosiness and character and will make your garden even more inviting. You will be feeling cosy and protected from the wind while enjoying the sun by yourself or with your partner. Its windproof construction allows you to sit outside until late in the evening to gaze at the stars in peace and quiet... It is difficult to describe the sensation you get when sitting back and relaxing in your garden cocoon. It is something you must experience for yourself!

Ease of use

Custom-made protection covers are available for all our garden cocoons. The cover will help keep your cocoon clean, dry and ready for use. Select a breathable fabric for the ultimate protection of your cocoon, to allow the cocoon to aerate and to prevent mould build-up. Thanks to our breathable fabric cover, you can leave your garden cocoon (including all cushions) outside in your garden all year round.

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